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Automatically rebuild bib cache

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Automatically rebuild bib cache

Postby severin » Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:53 pm

I propose that LaTeXing watch my *.bib file and rebuild its index automatically whenever the file changes. As a second-best option LaTeXing should rebuild the index every x minutes. Or maybe there is a better solution that I haven't yet thought of?

Background: I use Zotero's autoexport plugin [1] to update my local *.bib file whenever I add an item to my library. However, LaTeXing will not autocomplete this reference right away. I first have to manually select "rebuild cache" -> "bib.cache" from the menu. When I search for literature online, I repeat the following sequence of actions many times:

1. Read the abstract of a paper in the browser
2. Add the paper to Zotero
3. Rebuild the LaTeXing cache
4. Take a note about the paper in a LaTeX file

The process would be much less tedious if I could drop item 3 from that list.

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